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Welcome to Funny River Trading Company.

Funny River Trading was born from a long-held vision of mine to live as deliberately and self-sufficiently as possible. My vision was to set up shop in a remote cabin in an Alaskan town called Funny River. There, I would make my living working with my hands; pottery would most likely be my craft. But, even the best laid plans can take a detour.

I never made it to that Funny River, nor did I ever try my hand at the potter’s wheel. Instead,
I took up an apprenticeship at Tierra Wools in Los Ojos, New Mexico where I learned to weave rugs and tapestries in the Rio Grande tradition. Later, I realized what a valuable resource was just outside my door and in abundance: pine needles. They make baskets out of those things, don’t they? Then, few years ago,
I stumbled upon this frozen tundra of sorts here in the village of Keene Valley in the Adirondacks where I learned the art of herbal folk medicine and cold-process soap making. And a new vision was born.

It just goes to show—no matter how deliberately you may set out to live your life, sometimes you stumble upon a better vision. Then all you can do is settle in, open up shop, and call it Funny River.

...Enjoy your stay, and take a little piece of the Adirondacks with you.

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